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Breastfeeding Support

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    Baby Cafe

    Baby Café.

    Getting the right support and information about feeding your baby in the early weeks and months of life is important as it helps you to lay a healthy foundation for your baby’s later health and development. 

    In our Baby Café the Sure Start Health Team will be on hand to support with queries around:

    • Breast feeding: the benefits to mum and baby, is baby getting enough, hand and pump expression and storage, breast feeding and medication, responsive feeding and much more.
    • Formula feeding: is baby getting enough or too much, making up bottles & sterilization, reflux, responsive feeding, skin-to-skin contact and strategies for relief of colic and constipation. 
    • Weaning: What age to start weaning; suitable weaning foods, textures and consistency.

    It is also a chance to enjoy a well-deserved cup of tea/coffee and chat with other parents. 

    Each week we will have taster sessions of different Sure Start programmes that will support your baby’s health and development.  

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