Sure Start Programmes for Dads

‘Fathers are more than just second adults in the home; involved fathers bring positive benefits to their children that no other person is as likely to bring.’ (Dr David Popense).


There are many ways you can get involved in your child’s life from when they are in the womb and after they are born.  All of the activities offered by Sure Start are excellent ways to enhance attachment and bonding.  Whether you are playing together or simply talking to your child they will be learning new skills, finding out about the world and most importantly, having fun with you!



          An international café offers an informal setting in which parents can make friends, practise English or help others wi...

  • Dads Play Club

    Dads Play Club

      At weekends and evenings, it’s easy to end up playing computer games with your child or being an armchair expert on TV sports, but the stand-out memories for ...

  • Dads Music Club

    Dads Music Club

     For children, music provides many benefits. No matter where you are from, or what your background, music is something that everyone can enjoy and understand. Many stud...

  • Splash with Dad

    Splash with Dad

      Exposing babies to water early is to be encouraged. Contact with water encourages the desire to swim and reduces the chances of a child developing a fear of water. ...

  • Dad’s Bedtime Stories Club

    Dad’s Bedtime Stories Club

        Calling all dads or male carers. Come and join us for few sessions which entails a variety of activities all revolving around the theme of ...

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